Our Disney Fairytale Love Story

“We were hanging out near Pixie Hollow watching the fountain light up with no one around us. He just kept looking at me, smiling, and shaking his head bashfully. I finally asked why, and he admitted he thought he was definitely starting to fall for me…”


Hello! I couldn’t help it. I figured I should write about the why behind not only the basis for our fairytale-themed lifestyle, but also the reason that the Disneyland and Disney World parks hold so much meaning and magic to us as a family. Here is our (abridged) Disney love story:


My husband and I met in our junior year of high school. He was my very first kiss before I decided that I wanted to focus on my studies, and we mutually decided it would be best to be “just friends.” We both dated other people while remaining best friends for a couple of years before finally getting together this time around. We both felt deep down this was “it.” Consequently, we did not want to just throw around “I love you” as words without true meaning, like too often I think teenagers and young adults do. It was so hard not to right from the beginning, let me tell you. From the minute he kissed me I felt such a spark! I knew I was about to fall so hard, so fast. I actually slid down the door inside at my parent’s home afterwards, like you see in movies all the time after a girl kisses her crush and she’s squealing with overjoyment. Yeah, that was me! My family (and Dad especially) had been telling me forever that Zach was the guy for me, and all it took was a couple official dates and I started to believe, to know, that they were entirely right. So fast forward a few months, and we decided to go to Disneyland together for the first time because where I was attending college was so close, and we both LOVED Disney. It was the most magical day! I felt like a little kid again, not even able to comprehend the level of happiness I was feeling at everything. Every ride, every character we saw, the delicious food… It all had a new meaning I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I could not stop staring into his eyes to save my life, and the love that I knew had been boiling up since the first night we met was just about to overflow, a few years in the making. It’s nearly impossible to even attempt to explain.


Later that night, when Disney parks get the most magical (let’s be honest!) we were hanging out near Pixie Hollow watching the fountain light up with no one around us. He just kept looking at me, smiling, and shaking his head bashfully. I finally asked why, and he admitted he thought he was definitely starting to fall for me. Playfully, I replied I felt the same way, if I hadn’t already. He put his arm around me, and both of us beaming we continued watching the fountains (Side note: that fountain pond is my favorite spot in Disneyland)… This is where it gets extra amazing.


Suddenly, he pulled away slightly and said he knew it was crazy, but… He was in love with me. NO JOKE right after he said those life changing words, Julie Andrew’s voice plays throughout the park saying dreams do come true, and as I tell him I love him too LITERAL FIREWORKS start going off. Fireworks! Seriously guys, Disney couldn’t even help plan someone’s proposal to that level of timing. We were convinced then and there it was a sign we were where we were meant to be, and life only kept getting better and more awe-inspiring after that night. The world looks different when you’re head over heels in love! He’s my prince charming, the Jim to my Pam, the Carl to my Ellie, the Eugene to my Rapunzel, and my whole (new) world begins and ends with him. Of course, Disney became our lifestyle after that monumental night.

Our engagement photos taken in Loveland, CO by Sarah Harrelson Photography

Fast forward a couple years, and we got engaged at Bighorn Canyon in Montana right before a storm was about to hit. We had the whole park to ourselves! There was nobody but us for miles in the brisk weather, overlooking some of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen. A little over a year later, on the same date that we had first said “I love you” at the Happiest Place on Earth (even though it landed on a Tuesday lol), we exchanged “I Do” up in the mountains of Colorado with our immediate family and a few close friends.

**Note the hidden Mickey on the bottom left of my veil!**

Gateway Natural Area in Fort Collins, CO, taken by Ben Bradley Photography

Afterwards, we had a room to ourselves at a local Italian restaurant where we shared our first dance as Mr. & Mrs. to “I See The Light” from Tangled. We spent 10 days at Walt Disney World for our honeymoon and it was more amazing than I could even imagine! The trip of a lifetime. It was the happiest period in my life, and my love for my husband and best friend somehow keeps continuing to grow. Especially since…

It’s 2018 and we just celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary. As I type this, my husband is singing to our little baby ‘Flynn,’ named after one of our favorite Disney animated movies. He is our greatest treasure and adventure, and our current nickname for him is “Pooh.” (1st birthday party theme I think!)


He loves the movie Fantasia (so sad Netflix removed it!), and we listen to Disney music every. Single. Day. Monthly, we have taken a photo of him growing next to a Mickey Mouse plush, and half of his clothes and toys are all related to the company we love so much we have made it a part of our day to day lifestyle. Watching my prince charming become a father to our precious baby boy, and instilling our passion for Disney and travel and adventure, is truly magnificent. We go regularly to Disneyland parks and our son LOVES it! I can’t wait until when we can take him to WDW for the first time! When I have my boys cuddled up by my side, I am definitely at the most magical place on Earth.

Little man’s face is classic

Our real-life fairytale 😊


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