Why I Love New Fantasyland

“…To be honest, the existence of New Fantasyland is a huge factor in me thinking I may like Magic Kingdom slightly more than I do Disneyland park…”

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New Fantasyland is an expansion inside Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World that has only been around for 5-6 years. Its grand opening was December of 2012, with the well-known new roller coaster Seven Dwarfs Mine Train opening mid-2014. To be honest, the existence of New Fantasyland is a huge factor in me thinking I may like Magic Kingdom slightly more than I do Disneyland park.

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So, what is so amazing about New Fantasyland being added into Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom!? Here are my favorite three attractions and add-ons I absolutely love:

Be Our Guest

The immersion! It is something else entirely just how immersive this restaurant is! Honestly, it is so easy to forget that you are even there to eat! But then you see the menu, which is full of nothing but deliciousness, and remember “hey! I will be your guest!” OK but seriously, it is so beautiful! And try the grey stuff, because it IS delicious! I felt like I was walking into the animated movie from the first moment that I entered to dine here. Disney did a wonderful job bringing everything in the fairytale to life. The ballroom is my favorite room to dine in, and the enchanted rose that is in the west wing area is the epitome of magic. This is not an attraction that can be passed up—one of the biggest highlights of not only New Fantasyland, but of the entire Magic Kingdom park in general!

Stained glass window at Be Our Guest Restaurant exit

Prince Eric’s Castle

I have always been a big Little Mermaid fan. I wouldn’t say that it is my favorite fairytale, or that Ariel is my favorite princess, but I have always been in love with the story simply because I find Atlantica to be so mysterious. And then there is Prince Eric, who I mean, is one of the better-looking Disney princes no doubt, but I am more interested in his castle! The castle itself has always been one of my favorites. And guess what!? It was brought to life with the New Fantasyland expansion and does NOT disappoint! I almost can’t believe how beautiful Disney made this castle. To me, it is some of their best work, hands down. Inside you find the Little Mermaid “Under the Sea” dark ride, which takes you seated in shells through the story of the Little Mermaid, uplifting music and all. Be sure to get a photo in front, if you do with the photopass photographers you may find some familiar aquatic faces pop up when looking at the pictures later…

Prince Eric’s Castle at the entrance to ride

 Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Alright, I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about this attraction at Disney World over the last few years. The most common complaint is it not being enough of a ‘thrill’ ride, but frankly, I find it to be pretty fantastic. To me, you are taking Big Thunder Mountain (one of my all-time favorites) and immersing it into a classic Disney story. Pretty much THE classic Disney story considering Snow White was the first full-length animated feature film. EVER. The animatronics of the dwarfs are very impressive, and I think this ride is a good mix of cuteness with magic and a bit of fun thrill that a wide span of ages can enjoy.

As you can see, we really enjoyed ourselves on this line. Fastpass+ it to save time!


Aside from these favorites included in the New Fantasyland expansion was Gaston’s Tavern which has delicious cinnamon rolls and the specialty drink “Lefou’s Brew,” tales with Belle in Maurice’s cottage, and the Storybook Circus. Do you love New Fantasyland as much as I do? Let me know your favorite part about it in the comments!


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