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“…wondering what is different at the parks with the Pixar festivities going on right now? ..”


Pixar Fest started in the middle of April at Disneyland resort and the celebration is continuing through summer until September 3rd at both of the Disney theme parks in Anaheim. We had the privilege of recently visiting both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks for a long weekend, and it was a better than ever time to go!

With Pixar Pier being under construction since January and not due to open until June 23rd, we found that even though one of the days we attended was a Saturday and when high school students had Grad Nite, the crowds were not what they will certainly become. We were fortunate enough to be able to do every attraction and see every bit of entertainment that we wanted to no issues! It seems like an off time to attend without the Pixar Pier being finished, it helped with crowd control–which is a win with a little one.

Are you wondering what is different at the parks with the Pixar festivities going on right now? Food is one of my favorite things in existence and what a lot of the buzz seems to be about (and the food for the festival did not disappoint), so I’ll save that for last. There was so much more to do besides eat fun concoctions, though!


Me oh my! Such good entertainment happening at Disneyland resort right now! You can currently watch a sneak peek of the first 10 minutes of Incredibles 2 in Hollywood Land of California Adventure, and the parades are AMAZING—especially Paint the Night! I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to see their favorite Pixar characters glowing under the stars? Our seven month old loved it so much he fell asleep sitting up looking at it. If that doesn’t spell happiness and being content at the end of the day, I am not sure what does. It’s important to note that this takes place in California Adventure park, with the Pixar Play parade occurring in Disneyland park during the day. Parades are such a classic Disney experience, and I would suggest everyone to be sure to see these ones. There are also Pixar characters you can meet in Paradise Gardens at the far end of where the pier would end, with good photo opportunities!

Now, Disneyland has been known for a while for putting on great nighttime spectaculars and fireworks, and ‘Together Forever’ is so beautiful! It was not as long as I would have thought it would be, and we did not watch it from directly in front of the castle (we typically watch fireworks from near Pixie Hollow—see our first post about our love story to see why!) but it was still as magical as you would expect! My favorite part was when Carl and Ellie’s house from UP! flew across the sky with balloons projected onto the castle. It was incredible! I thought I got the whole thing on video only to realize my phone had frozen, so that was a bit disappointing. Truly magnificent sight!! There are also projections done on the It’s a Small World attraction, and watching over there is always a more laid back and unique experience.



There aren’t really new rides or attractions for the Pixar Fest, but the Toy Story Midway Mania ride on the pier was open and rootin’ tootin’ away, as was the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters which is always a lot of fun! I never seem to be able to shoot right and always claim to my opponent that my blaster is broken, but after so many times of low scores… I think I may just suck. Fun nevertheless!

Once the pier opens in its entirety next month, there will be more attractions that are all Pixar themed, the big one being the Incredibles themed roller coaster—the Incredicoaster! The coaster itself hasn’t changed from California Screamin,’ but there will be a story now of Jack-Jack escaping on the tracks with the family trying to grab him. I am SUPER excited about the new use of laser projections (and even scents!) as the coaster moves through the tunnels! Of course, if you haven’t tried the other Pixar themed rides before, now would be a good time to just for the sake of celebrating. There is the Finding Nemo submarine ride in Disneyland Park, and then Mike & Sully to the Rescue and Radiator Springs Racers (and ALL of amazing Cars Land) in California Adventure!

There is also ‘a bug’s land’ in California Adventure right now with a couple great rides and immersive scenery for the little guys (we especially like Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train). The new expansion of a Marvel-themed land is replacing this spot, so visiting it soon is a must!



You can find a complete list of places and locations in the parks that are serving specialty items for Pixar Fest on the Disneyland website. Here is a list of some of our favorite yummies from the festival!

Temperamental Taste-Shifting Corn Dog: Corn Dog Castle, California Adventure

Okay, I fully regret not having a picture of this to show you guys, but we liked it so much we scarfed it down before we had a chance to take one. This corn dog is AMAZING if you like corn dogs, some spice, or cheese. There are three layers of the corn dog. The top of the dog is a typical hot link sausage, and then the middle of this delight is just a bunch of pepper jack cheese (the best part—SO yummy!). The bottom portion of the dog is Cajun chicken sausage. It is served with a blackberry serrano sauce, and to be honest you won’t really want to share it.

Habanero Meatball Cone: Cozy Cone, California Adventure

The habanero meatball cone in Cars Land

This was so replenishing after a long day in the parks full of eating a bunch of junk, and once it cooled off in the evening. This is officially “Miss Fritter’s” Meatball Cone and it is found at Cozy Cone #3 in Cars Land. Turkey meatballs are covered in a delicious habanero derby sauce (that has a bit of a kick!) on top of spiral pasta and topped with yummy cheesy crisps. The cone is of course edible, and tastes most closely to a breadstick. It looks hard, but it is pleasantly soft—so eat it up!

Alien Parfait and French Macaron: Alien Pizza Planet, Disneyland Park

The newly famous alien macaron

I went into Pizza Planet excited to get pizza (because who doesn’t like pizza), but mostly because I really wanted to get the alien macaron I kept seeing and hearing all about! The parfait looked too good to pass up though, so I ended up with that too.

Honestly, I am not sure which I liked better! I really love French macarons, they are pretty much my favorite dessert so I thought that the alien macaron would be a sure win for me. BUT, the parfait is so underrated and scrumptious in my opinion! I am not a huge fan of lemon, and the alien macaron has lemon in the center of it, so I think I might have to say I preferred the parfait more. It isn’t super high quality, but c’mon, it’s a little bowl of blackberry-vanilla wonder with white chocolate making the alien’s eyes. A+ in my book.


Berry Funnel Cake: Stage Door Café, Disneyland Park

Berry delicious funnel cake

Alright, this was one that my husband really wanted to try that I wasn’t too excited about. I haven’t had funnel cake in around 10 or so years since the last time I had eaten it I got food poisoning or it just didn’t sit right or something. I must say…this funnel cake made me fall in love again! It is made to order so that it does not get soggy, and it has blueberry and strawberries on top of it with a bunch of whipped cream and cookie crumbles. Edible gold flecks add a magical touch, and it. Is. So. Tasty.

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Family T-shirts! He’s our “Little Pooh”

I feel like I am leaving so much out, but these were our top experiences with Pixar Fest. Let me know in the comments what foods or entertainment you enjoy most right now, and be sure to reach out to me with any questions you may have! The link to our Disney Instagram account is below if you want to more closely follow along on our adventures. 😊


TTFN: Ta ta for now!


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