First Time in a Canoe

“…for our anniversaries we like to either go somewhere we have not before, or try something new, we decided that it was time to canoe for the first time…”

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Before this last month, somehow my husband and I had never been canoeing before. I have kayaked on multiple occasions, and we have both tried SUP, but somehow canoeing had not be a recreational sport we have ever tried. The closest thing we have ever come to it before recently was when we went on the long rowboats as an attraction at Disneyland park. Since for our anniversaries we like to either go somewhere we have not before, or try something new, we decided that it was time to canoe for the first time—together!


It needs to be understood for future reference that my husband, Zach, really likes pursuing education. It isn’t that I don’t like to learn random bits of knowledge as well—because I do, and I think every day is a learning experience—but he takes everything in like a sponge; it’s truly inspiring and incredible. He will end up with a PhD someday, I am certain of it. With that being said, of course leading up to canoeing he and I wanted to know the main differences between kayaking and canoeing. Essentially, it comes down to how you sit and the type of paddle or oar being used, which is where our experience gets kind of funny.


You see, when you go in a canoe, you are typically supposed to use an oar that is one sided, and when you go in a kayak is when you use a double-sided paddle. We are special, though, and because the person renting the equipment to us did not know too much about canoeing, and because who were we to say since this was our first time… We ended up canoeing with a kayaking paddle. I guess you could say our first time in a canoe was almost like a hybrid experience! Haha. We’ll have to do it correctly sometime soon.


As for where we canoed..! In East San Diego County at Santee Lakes, there is a surprising amount of activities you can do. Since we went on a somewhat chilly (for California) day during the week, we pretty much had the whole area to ourselves, which meant exploring. It was so much fun, and a lot more relaxing than we thought it might be. The water was beautiful, and the little islands within the lake were vibrant with the coastline being green and full of life. Being spring, we saw a mama and her tiny ducklings taking a swim! We really love recreation on the water, so this is an activity we will be trying to do as often as we can in months and years to come.


Let me know your first experience with canoeing if you have been in the comments, and be sure to follow along on social media!


Always remember, adventure is out there!



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