Art of Animation Resort, ORL

Disney’s Art of Animation resort is broken into four differently themed areas. Little Mermaid, Lion King, Finding Nemo, and Cars all find their home at this resort!

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Disney’s Art of Animation resort is one that, in my opinion, gives you the most bang for your buck if you are choosing to stay on Walt Disney World premises. It is still considered to be a Value Resort (essentially the cheapest types of resorts on property with the least number of amenities) at Walt Disney World, but given how well-decorated and themed the motel is, along with how large and BEAUTIFUL the pool is, I believe you’re getting a really great value! We haven’t stayed at too many resorts at Disney World just yet, but we LOVE Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.

The bathtub decor in the Little Mermaid room

When we visited the resort last it was in the era before kids, so we stayed in a standard Little Mermaid themed room. The only downfall I found to this was that the buses were on the complete opposite side of the premises from where those rooms are at. The pool and dining area/lobby are also pretty much on the other end. However, the walk from our room in the Little Mermaid section of the property to where everything was at was so immersive, it is difficult to even fully consider the distance to be a con.

Disney’s Art of Animation resort is broken into four differently themed areas. Little Mermaid, Lion King, Finding Nemo, and Cars all find their home at this resort! The decorations and theming that was put into the resort as a result is beautiful. I think if you are going to stay at a resort on property at Disney World, why not be surrounded by your favorite characters every way you look!? The immersion into the animated films featured is as magical as it gets.

Within the Little Mermaid section, some outdoor décor includes the GIANT figures of Ursula and King Triton, as well as fish and many trinkets (dinglehopper anyone?) across the grounds in the area and on the motel walls. There is also a statue of Prince Eric, and a modest pool that Ariel and Flounder watch over.

The Lion King section is so much fun. You can find Timon, Pumba, and Simba walking across the log that is seen as Simba undergoes his transformation from cub to lion in the movie, and Mufasa gloriously stands over Pride Rock. Kids can go play with the hyenas at the Elephant Graveyard (also a good photo op!) and Rafiki peers out at you as you walk by on your way to wherever you’re going. Follow Rafiki, he knows the way!


The Finding Nemo section of the resort of course boasts “The Big Blue”—and it is so beautiful! The largest pool on property has a gradual wade in setup, and underneath the water there is music playing! How cool is that? You will find Crush and all your favorite characters around you as you swim, and it’s honestly such a haven! The Drop Off is the bar near the poolside that has scrumptious treats, and the whole area just screams vacation.


Finally, there is the Cars section. If anyone has been to Cars Land in California, the life-like vehicular characters from this particular movie are very similar! The Wheel Well Motel is my favorite part, and seeing the Route 66 signs all over just makes you realize Disney really does think of everything. LOVE it. So much. Just talking about it makes me ready to go back right this very instant!

It is so beautiful.

Rumor has it that the gondola skyway being installed at Walt Disney World resort would have a stop at the Art of Animation resort! I would hope that doesn’t make it become a “moderate” resort with an upped price tag, but how cool will that addition be?! Even more of a reason to love Disney’s Art of Animation. I would highly recommend it. Reach out to me if you have any questions! For more information of the differences between Disneyland and Magic Kingdom parks, visit my past article here.

Ta ta for now, folks! Until our next adventure!



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