HALLOWEEN 2018 at Disneyland Arrives!

Halloween 2018 has arrived at Disneyland resort, more spooky and filled with beautiful fall decor than ever!

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Yes!! The greatest time of year within the parks has arrived! This is Halloween!

Full disclosure, autumn is my absolute favorite time of year. It is the best season, not too cold, not too hot, the food is delicious, and the color scheme is amazing. I love wearing maroon, green, sunset orange, burnt yellow, and all the likes in-between! Plus, boots! Easy to slip on, but comfortable. The falls evolve their colors and fall, showing us that change is beautiful, and that old things ending for new to begin is best described as bittersweet. It’s crisp, it’s everchanging, and I am in love with the season.

Naturally, being as huge of a Disney fanatic as I am, mix all my favorites with one of my all-time favorite places, and you have a recipe for HAPPINESS. Friday, September 7th, Disneyland brought Halloween and all things fall to life again! It’s that time of year, and I am overjoyed! Now, this is our first time going to the parks during the holidays with a little one, and already it is a world of difference—but in a refreshing way! Since we are not attending to get on as many rides as possible (not that we have ever really been that way) we are forced to take in the atmosphere more than ever before. Let me tell you, when you really look at all the details Disney puts into their parks… It is breathtaking. I mean, walking down Main Street USA and to City Hall, when it started becoming nightfall a bunch of crows started circling all around the area glowing in festive orange. What is that all about?! Do they plan this? All I’m saying is they were nowhere else to be found. Maybe coincidence, but I wouldn’t put it past them to bait some crows in for effect 😉

Of course, the decorations throughout the park are certainly there on purpose and are BEAUTIFUL. Not just in Disneyland Park either, but California Adventure has only been getting increasingly festive as the years have gone by. Oogie Boogie looms over the entrance currently, greeting guests with his spooky laughter, and once night falls, the atmosphere is truly something else! Everywhere you look, black, purple, or orange light is beaming gently around, and it is the perfect mixture of spookiness and fun. Southern California doesn’t exactly see fall in all its glory in most regions, so to be able to escape to the Disney parks and experience it is something I am grateful for.

Here are some festivities to look out for that are specific to Halloween time at Disneyland:

  • The big Mickey pumpkin at the start of Main Street!
  • The FOOD. There is so much to choose from (particularly to satisfy your sweet tooth!) during Halloween time at the parks. The Disney Parks Blog has an article entirely about all the delicious wonders here.
  • New editions of rides! Space Mountain is Ghost Galaxy, and Haunted Mansion becomes all things Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Cars Land becomes spooky! All the cars are in costume as they celebrate “Haul-o-Ween”…
  • Which brings us to the characters in COSTUME. We especially love Mickey Mouse in his dreadfully delightful attire!
  • Disney parks balloons are always wonderful anyway, but then they have specialty balloons for Halloween too!? Our little boy loves watching them flicker by (we told him for his birthday he can have one for himself for the first time—I can’t wait!) This year these themed balloons feature Disney villains in green!

Have you been to Disney parks? If so, what is your favorite time of year to visit? If not, what is your FAVORITE SEASON? I’d love to hear from you!

That’s all for now! Have a great week!


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