Disneyland: Get Your Ears On!

The Get Your Ears On Celebration is currently going on at Disneyland Resort, and there is so much to see!

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The Get Your Ears On Celebration is currently going on at Disneyland Resort, and there is so much to see! Through February 18th, Valentine’s Day is also being celebrated inside Disneyland Park—meaning even more food and festivities! We always check multiple Disneyland crowd calendars before visiting to make the most of our time, and had the privilege of being able to make two separate trips so far during this special event taking place, and one of the visits even included Lunar New Year celebrations in California Adventure Park taking place in front of the pier! I love so many aspects of every Disney festival/special celebration (though I have been asked “when will World of Color return?”) but below you can find the top experiences and eats at each of the parks at Disneyland Resort during this time, alongside what you can afford to pass on.

Main Street USA, Disneyland during Get Your Ears On!

Disneyland Park

Polka dots are everywhere, and Mickey and Minnie’s love is the center of the show!

Food: Our favorite, and our least favorite.

  • Great: Churros! They are all delicious but the Celebration Churro at the small world Promenade is amazing! It is a chocolate churro drizzled in COOKIE BUTTER, and that’s honestly everything. The marshmallow dipping sauce is too dyed to make it that brilliant Mickey Mouse red, so if you can pass on that or get just normal marshmallow crème, I would do that. It is really cute though—with white chocolate buttons inside and all!
  • Pass on: Fried Chicken and Beignets from Café Orleans. To be fair, this wasn’t terrible. In fact, one of the sandwiches was delicious! But they use the birthday celebration beignets for the sandwiches… And one of those flavors in chocolate. Buffalo sauce and chocolate just don’t really work together for us.
Buffalo fried chicken and beignets from Cafe Orleans, Disneyland

Top show to see: Mickey’s Mix Magic – preferably on a weekend when there are also fireworks!

There is also Mickey’s Soundsational Parade, but our family was not as in love with this. There are far better parades that Disney parks have put on, and I felt a bit underwhelmed by this one. Meanwhile, Mickey’s Mix Magic projects fun storylines and songs from beloved films down Main Street USA and in front of It’s a small world attraction, and full disclosure I cried. More than once. Disneyland and Magic Kingdom just get me so emotional.

Disney’s California Adventure Park

Imagine everything decked out in red and gold to celebrate the Year of the Pig!

Lunar New Year Celebration at Disney’s California Adventure Park

Foods: The best and not so great.

  • Favorite: Cookies n Cream Bread Pudding from Pacific Wharf Café. YUM. It is made with condensed milk (already had my heart right there) and is topped with whipped cream and crushed cookies. My mouth is drooling just thinking about it again. While you are there, the bread bowls at Pacific Wharf are positively scrumptious as well.
  • Not-so-good: I feel awful saying this because I LOVE Chinese food, but pretty much all of the food for the Lunar New Year festivities was disappointing. They had a spicy pork bao that was delicious, but it was also over $7! The rest was some of the worst Asian food I have eaten, with not very much flavor packed in.
Cookies & cream bread pudding at Disneyland Resort; Pacific Wharf at California Adventure

In regard to experiences at California Adventure Park for the Get Your Ears On Celebration, all the note worthy ones are taking place at Disneyland Park.

Disney’s California Adventure is the place to go for food 😉

I know I only listed the best and worst, but so much of it at California Adventure is beyond tasty! You will have to go, grab a Food Guide, and try it all for yourself! Great attractions at Disney’s California Adventure Park any time of the year include Mission: Breakout!, Radiator Springs Racers, and Soarin’.

Pixar Fest is an amazing event I still think about often, and I am not sure if I prefer Get Your Ears On over that. However… It is also my pleasure to announce that World of Color will be returning on Saturday, February 23rd! This is a water spectacular revolving around Disney and Pixar stories that takes place in front of the known Mickey Mouse Ferris Wheel—now known as the Pixar Pal Around. It’s 22 minutes and features beautiful scenes from our favorite animated movies projected onto gushing water fountains and is definitely one of the top things to see when visiting Disneyland Resort!

Disney married couple goals? 😉 Yes, we made these shirts.

Have you had a chance to visit the parks for Get Your Ears On? Or any special celebration? Have you seen the new trailer for Frozen II or are you excited for the 4th Toy Story? Let’s chat below! If you have any questions before your next trip be sure to ask, and follow us along on social media to see more of our adventures!

‘Til next time pal!


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