A Day in EPCOT, Walt Disney World

Epcot was the second theme park opened at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, standing for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. It consists of Future World and the World Showcase.

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On October 1, 1982, Epcot was the second Disney theme park opened at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Before his death, Walt Disney had thought up the idea of this EPCOT Center, where a futuristic blueprint of the cities in the world could exist in a never-ending manner, always evolving with new technology. Fortunately for everyone, Walt’s brother, Roy, followed up on the execution of a genius plan. Hence, one of the best theme parks in the world was born!

Epcot, standing for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, consists of the Future World and World Showcase regions. Meant to inspire and inform all visitors who enter, Epcot is one of our favorite theme parks on the planet. Below is a guide on what main attractions to see in each of these areas; it could all be seen in one day, but to thoroughly enjoy yourself I would suggest taking two if you can.

20160317_EPCOT Spaceship Earth
Disney Theme Park: Epcot

Future World

Top 5 Rides:

Spaceship Earth

Living with the Land

Soarin’ Around the World

Test Track

Mission: Space

Top 3 “Other Attractions”:

Club Cool


Disney Animals by Nemo & Friends

Hidden Mickey in the aquarium “Disney Animals” inside Future World at Epcot, ORL

As a bonus, if you have little preschoolers we highly recommend you experience Turtle Talk With Crush!

World Showcase

The World Showcase is a loop around a lake that houses 11 different countries for you to immerse yourself in. Each of the cast members in these areas are from the country they represent, so feel free to ask them questions! This is one of their instances where Disney has really outdone themselves.

Countries Represented & Highlight of Each:

Mexico: Take the Gran Fiesta Tour featuring The Three Caballeros followed by margaritas and snacks from Choza de Margarita.

Norway: Board a Viking ship on Frozen Ever After and dine at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. If you want something less formal and more affordable, the treats at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe are AMAZING.

20160317_Disney_School Bread_Norway dessert
Lefse and School Bread in Epcot’s Norway Pavilion at Disney World

China: Just being in this region is enough for me, so take in all of your surroundings. The magic is in the details! Don’t be afraid to try unique flavors of ice cream, and eat that egg roll!

20160317_China Pavilion World Showcase
Topiary Dragon outside Epcot’s China Pavilion

Germany: Again, I mostly love the decoration in this region of the park. German food is delicious though, and the bratwursts here do not disappoint. Biergarten Restaurant is an Oktoberfest themed buffet!

Italy: Check out the mimes and street performers, indulge on Italian cuisine, or simply embrace the atmosphere of the city of love. Don’t miss their wine slushies.

20160317_Italy Epcot Walt Disney World
Epcot’s Italy Pavilion

America: The American Adventure is a 30-minute show that explores the past, present, and future of America using animatronics of the presidents.

Japan: Kabuki café has sushi snacks, shaved ice, and yummy Japanese beverages (plum wine anyone?!)

Morocco: I felt like I was actually immersed in this North African country, wandering the corridors of beautifully done architecture. It is truly something.

20160317_Morocco EPCOT
Epcot’s Morocco Pavilion

France: Crepes, the EIFFEL TOWER, and a boulangerie? Sounds good to me.

United Kingdom: Red phone booths make you feel like you are in London, and Rose & Crown Pub offers gorgeous seating by the water.

Canada: Watch a 360-degree short film about the wonders Canada has to offer in O Canada! Walk all the way to the back of this pavilion, with waterfalls and hidden spots to explore, there is a lot more than meets the eye.

Honestly, the best way to do the World Showcase is just strolling through and exploring every nook and cranny you can find, all while eating and drinking what looks and/or smells good! Don’t forget to catch IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth fireworks show on the waterfront at night, or Epcot Forever if you will be there after Fall 2019—it seems it will be similar to Disney’s California Adventure World of Color. Either way, water spectaculars should never be missed, especially when it is at Disney!

What is your favorite thing to do inside Disney’s EPCOT theme park? Soon, from certain resorts, you will be able to travel to Epcot in an aerial tram—how futuristic is that?! If you have questions please feel free to reach out, I’d love to chat about the most magical and happiest place on Earth.

20160317_France_BeautyandtheBeast_Epcot World Showcase
Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival inside the France Pavilion, World Showcase

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